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It seems the thing we all struggle with the most is getting the right traffic to our websites.

Typical SEO involves many hours of writing articles, posting product reviews and images to your blogs and then sharing those links to the social networks.

It is no secret that anyone promising you instant SEO top ranking on the search engines is probably using some black hat methods that could even get you banned permanently from Google’s search engines.

 But maybe there is a way to bump up your rankings legitimately, while still providing valuable information to your customers.

 I took advantage of a one time opportunity today that I am going to share with you. I purchased the developers rights to a special software that will give you the ability to create unlimited webinars from your own wordpress websites.

Remember the song from Willie Nelson – You are always on my mind?  Well it is true when it comes to thinking about ways to help my clients. Many of you have asked me how to get more traffic and higher rankings in the Search Engines. Some of you have also wanted to start offering classes for a fee to increase your online sales. Whenever one of my clients expresses a need I keep that need in the back of mind as I search for solutions.

So what I have for you today is an exciting opportunity to add a plugin to your site that will give you the ability to create unlimited webinars, videos, screen sharing and more. I have tried many of the traditional webinar software programs  and the monthly fees were just too high and they were limited too in what I could do with them.

But I found this limited timed offer and grabbed it for you!
Here is just a short list of the capabilities of this software – I am sure you will think of many more uses for your business.

Unlimited Webinars.
Unlimited Attendees

  • Unlimited Webinars!Present More – Profit More. More contact with more people is more money in your bank account. Right?
  • Unlimited Attendees!NO LIMITS On The Number Of People You Can Sell To!
  • EverGreen Presentations!Drop in ANY Pre-Recorded presentation And Run An Evergreen Funnel
  • Autoresponder Integration & Built In Lead Capture!As well as integrating the best Autoresponders available. RunClick has it’s own built in lead capture and follow up system
  • No Expensive Monthly Fees. Ever: One-Time-Only Low Cost Fee of only $47!

When I say Low Cost I mean it!

Click on Webinar Software from the top menu or follow the link below to learn more.

Once you have made your purchase I will install it for you on your website.

Here are some links to more about SEO and Google Hangouts!

Three Ways to Use Google Hangouts for Increased Search Traffic.

  1. Social Search Traffic: Google loves to track our every move across the internet. Part of the reason they started Google+ was so they could better track what we search every day.

Google wants to know who likes you, follows,talks to you, and listens to your every word. To do this, the inevitable choice was to enter the social realm.

  1. YouTube Search Traffic:

For the past few years, Google has included more and more videos in their search results. These videos all come from YouTube. When you record your Hang Outs on Air, you create content that Google can place on Google search for more traffic. The best thing about Hangouts is that they automatically get posted on your YouTube account, for you to publish online.

  1. Content Traffic: The content from the hangout can be re-purposed in any number of ways. You can do a recap of the Google Hangout with a short keyword rich video, or write posts from the ideas mentioned in the Hangout. You can create new content that you can openly share with others on your social media networks and your blog.

To read the full article follow this link:

More articles on SEO and Google Hangouts can be found at these links:

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